Simply Snow

Sunday, 1 February 2015

After two disappointing days of sleet and snow slush we finally woke up to find the trees covered in a soft blanket of snow. Whereas the streets and pavements were already slushy again, the trees and the park looked like a winter wonder land. This year we haven't been spoiled with snow and that's why I'm really happy to see the city covered in white.

So this Saturday I took a long walk to enjoy the cold and take some pictures. But then suddenly I was drawn to the nearest yarn shop. Before I even knew what was happening I was standing in front of a wide range of beautiful colored cotton yarns I've admired for a few weeks now. This time I couldn't resist and had to buy a nice collection of happy colors for a new granny square project.

I hope you had a peaceful weekend. The rest of the Sunday I will slowly grow onto my couch, drink tea, knit, crochet.

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