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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

everything IKEA except wired basket and left pillowcase by H&M Home
Very soon me and my boyfriend will move out of our tiny apartment. Last year we both finished our studies and now it's time to dive into the working life. Making money and stuff! Though I am a little bit sad that the unique freedom of being a student is finally over I can't wait to start a "grown-up" life with a nice, new apartment and a little bit of extra money in my pocket.

One of my top priorities for our new apartment is the question where to put my (ever growing) yarn stash, the sewing machine and all the other crafty stuff.  I dream of having a small studio all for myself or at least a generous corner in the bedroom.

Currently part of my yarn lives in a big box, crammed full and chaotic. The other part is distributed to several small boxes. I often forget about some of the yarns because I can't see them all the time and I always have to rummage to find certain balls of wool. Not cool!

Instead of hiding all my beautiful yarns I dream of showing them off! Right now I am into the idea of storing them in wired boxes, arranged on a simple wooden shelf. To visualize my ideas I put together a mood board.

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